Our Process.

Our streamlined and transparent Referral Partner onboarding process can have your company set up fast to ensure your clients can start getting the funding they need even faster.

    Week 1

  • Introduction Call

    We'll coordinate to find a time that works for you to schedule an introductory call. This call will provide us with an opportunity to discuss your organization's goals and objectives, and how Lendistry can help you achieve them.

  • Week 2

  • Completion of Partnership Questionnaire

    We'll send our Partner Questionnaire to be completed that will provide us with more information about your organization, its services, and target market. This information will help us tailor our partnership approach to your specific needs.


  • Execution of Non-Disclosure Agreement & Legal Name Confirmation

    We'll share and execute a mutual NDA to protect the confidentiality of sensitive information exchanged between us during the onboarding process. Provide docs.

  • Week 3

  • Partnership Agreement & Logo

    Upon execution of the NDA and completion of the questionnaire, we will draft a Partnership Agreement and prepare a mockup/draft of the Partner Landing Page. The Partner Landing Page will serve as a dedicated place to showcase your organization and its partnership with Lendistry as well as provide a gateway for your clients to apply for a loan.


  • Relationship Manager Introduction

    Once the Partnership Agreement is executed and you provide us with a logo, we will arrange a call to introduce you to your assigned RM. Your RM will serve as your main point of contact and manage the leads referred to Lendistry by you and your team. The initial call with your RM will be a good time to discuss a partnership and communication strategy that works best for your team.

  • Week 4

  • Accounting Profile Setup & Landing Page Launch

    If you will be receiving a referral fee for booked loans, we will need to set up an accounting profile for your organization. This will ensure that you are promptly compensated for your referrals. Your RM will also show you your new Partner Landing page.


  • Launch

    Let’s go!